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Meet Our Participants


From a challenging past in Rhode Island to becoming a business owner in Los Angeles with his family. If you’re willing to turn your life around for the better, there are resources, programs, and others waiting to support you!


“It’s all about the discipline.” Justin’s testimonial is evidence that people can certainly change for the better and become successful! No rule says you have to stay down after making a mistake! Life’s about second chances– and everyone equally deserves them!


Derrell started in the streets but is now a successful machinist! Getting back on your feet shouldn’t be a barrier. We need to support & encourage our communities to become better continuously. Derrell's story is a testament to what can happen when we extend our hands to help!


Life before man up was tough to find employment, mentors and intellectuals that would take a chance on me.” Jose had some trouble reintegrating because no one would give him that chance, that is until Man Up came around and helped him further his education, acquire certifications and even to restore his relationship with his family making him someone they can finally be proud of.

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